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Why go digital?

With the introduction of Internet and the smart-phone,more people are getting connected online. Social Media like Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp have dominated the recent scene. What can that mean for you?as a business owner?Well in short,more business for you. Sadly though most businesses are not taking advantage of this new avenue. At CodeSyntax Digital Solution,our aim is to help you do just that,at the same time save your money also. Want to know more?Read on.
Any business needs a website. Sales,consultancy or retail a website will serve the same purpose. To create new sales leads. It also serves as a platform to keep your clients up to date about your current operations and perhaps even offer discounts to lure more customers.
Having a website is not enough though. Often we see websites that are out dated,don't serve a purpose or simply are not responsive. Even worse,people do not even know about the website,so there is no served purpose. How can we change that for you?Having a well planned Digital Strategy,that is a way to optimist your Online presence. We do this by optimizing your social media,Search results and even the website itself. Contact us and we can help you do just that.

Cant afford a website?here are alternatives

So you feel your business is too small to have a website,or you are unsure of  how its going to affect your business in a significant way?Having some sort of Online presence is still vital. A website should however be an end goal,one you should attain. Meanwhile here are other alternatives suitable for your business.

1.Yellow Pages

This is the digital form of the popular Yellow Pages found in Directories. The advantage of advertising on a yellow page is that there already is traffic flowing to them. Sorted by category,its easier for people to find your products.

2.Social Media

The Online form of conversation,many people are now connected. With each newer update coming,sharing of information has never been easier. Social Groups make it even easier to reach a larger group of people with your products or services.

3.Instant Messaging

In the form of SMS,Messenger or even the popular Whatsapp,getting sales leads has never been easier. A few words typed,attractive media attached and send-you are good to go