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Here are the services offered

Why go digital?

Today`s world is increasingly going digital. In Zimbabwe alone,more than 75% of all Internet connections are mobile based. With the introduction of the smart-phone many people are Online. Due to that,potential clients are now exposed to tons of new information from other businesses or individuals Online. Without any sort of Online presence,you are losing potential clients to those who are already Online. What is an Online presence then?Simply put it is your business being able to be accessed via the Internet either through your website,social media profiles,classifieds ad posts or even a simple instant messaging App like Whatsapp. That is where we come in. We will look after your Online business while you take care of the offline. Whats more,with our custom made websites,you retain functionality,beauty and friendliness on mobile or desktop!Few can boast that. Lets go digital!

Beautiful Websites

Fully responsive,mobile first websites built using the latest technologies in web development and vigorously tested before launch.


digital marketing

Social media accounts with one click updates. Social media advertising and marketing,to supplement your website


Sell through your Online storefront and allow checkout and various payment methods. Sell through social media and your website.

seo and rankings

Ensure your website,social pages and products rank top with relevant searches that your clients are looking for.

Basic packages

All our basic packages include the following

    Fully responsive website
    Social media accounts
    Free backups and maintenance
With the exception of the Freelancer Package a
    bloggging platform is included.

additional extras

If you so wish,your package can be fully customizable with any of the following

    Facebook advertising
    Facebook store
    Fully branded Online Store with ad-dons
    Cloud based Enterprise Software Solutions
    Stand alone email